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    1. Magnetic Separator Magnetic separator uses magnetic to remove magnetic substance from other materials.
    2. Magnetic Separator
    1. Eddy Current Separator Eddy current separator is mainly used to recycle nonferrous metal from industrial waste and household waste with size...
    2. Eddy Current Separator
    1. Material Handling Equipment If the material is directly fed into the magnetic separator or eddy current separator, it’s possible the material distributes nonuniformly...
    2. Material Handling Equipment

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Without the proper equipment, metal sorting is a headache of a process and quality recycling operations cannot be completed without effective metal sorting. That is why Shijiazhuang Jiarun Technology Co. was founded. We are an enterprise with a focus on the fabrication of metal sorting machinery to help clients sort materials with excellent efficiency. Once properly sorted, these materials go on to make recycled products of higher quality. Our equipment can be set up in complete lines to carry out magnetic separating, eddy current separating, and other separating processes with equipment that will be tailored to the end user’s needs.

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