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Material Handling Equipment

    1. Material Feeders
    2. Material Feeders To solve that problem, our vibration feeders produce an even material flow to the magnetic separator or eddy current separators, and our other material feeders use a carbon steel conveyor belt to handle hard substances. Here at Jiarun, we offer material feeders in a variety of models based on unique customer requirements.
    1. Drum Screen
    2. Drum Screen Drum screens are usually set up in upstream processes for waste sorting systems, as a first step. These screens sort materials based on their size using different mesh sizes, and here at Jiarun, we custom design drum screens according to customer requirements.
    1. Conveyor System
    2. Conveyor System The conveyor system quickly and accurately adjusts the feeding speed to increase the sorting rate. At Jiarun, we customize conveyor systems based on customer requirements, including belt conveyors, roll conveyors, vibrating conveyors and chute conveyors.
About Us

Shijiazhuang Jiarun Technology Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the design and fabrication of metal sorting equipment with magnetic separator, eddy current separator and auxiliary equipment like material feeders, drum screen, conveyor system being its main products. Its scrap metal sorting line, in place of traditional manual sorting, can separate medal like iron, copper and aluminum from the solid waste faster and cleaner.

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