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Household Waste Recycling
Household Waste Recycling

Household waste disposal has been an issue for as long has we have had houses. Our trash is a conglomeration of organic substances, paper, plastic bags, glass, and even metal. Organic waste is easy to get rid of as it naturally breaks down, but plastic and metals can cause great harm to the land and our water supplies. We can separate our household waste and recycle certain materials, but this can be difficult. Jiarun Company has been in the waste recycling business for years and we offer complete solutions for household waste recycling to effectively and efficiently separate materials so that they can be properly processed.

Household Waste Recycling Solution

First, use the drum screen to separate the materials according to their size so that larger materials like plastic bottles or can be sorted out. Then, the material stream goes through the star screen to sort out food debris that can be sent to the landfill. Then you can apply the magnetic separator and eddy current separator to remove metals for recycling. Finally, materials that do not contain metal or plastic can be dried to create a fuel that can be safely burnt to create power after removing plastics and fabrics by winnower.