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Service is as important as products

Jiarun offers customers a full range of services for before, during, and after sales.

Sample Testing Service

We offer free sample testing service to ensure the recycling equipment is optimal for clients and will meet all of their requirements. After testing, a report containing the recommended equipment for their needs, and the respective price, will be offered. Customers can also visit us in person to learn more about our equipment.

Custom Design Service

Each machine is different based on application needs. We will assist customers in solving any difficulties that may arise during metal recycling, and offer one-stop solutions and advice based on unique customer circumstances.

Installation Service

Jiarun offers a complete range of installation services to ensure correct and efficient performances of all equipment.

Training Service

Jiarun also provides training services to ensure clients fully understand their equipment, and how to correctly operate and maintain it. Our engineers will routinely visit client locations to inspect machine conditions and update as needed according to customer feedback.

Parts Services

Jiarun fully understand the importance of reducing downtime to an absolute minimum, which is why we maintain a back stock of spare parts to send to customers as quickly as possible. When buying equipment from us, spare parts will be included to begin with, though we do keep more in stock. All parts that are replaced are recorded, so that when it comes time to update the machinery, we know how to do so in full compliance with customer needs. All replacement parts feature the same high quality as the original parts.