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Electronic Waste Recycling
Electronic Waste Recycling

The lifecycle of electronics like computers and smartphones is extremely short compared to other products as new technologies are being rolled out constantly. Every year, millions of computers and smartphones are replaced, and these products can be difficult to recycle despite being made up of many re-usable components.

Electronic waste like circuit boards, refrigerators, phones, and computers often contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and other refractory substances that can harm the environment and this means these products can be difficult to recycle as these substances must be separated and properly disposed of.

On the other hand, these products also contain significant amount of recyclable metal components. According to some research, 143 kg of copper, 40.8 kg of iron, 0.5 kg of gold, 29.5 kg of lead, and 18.1 kg of nickel can be separated from a ton of discarded circuit boards. Therefore, recycling these products is worth it, but only if we have the equipment to do it efficiently.

Considering the composition of electronic waste products, Jiarun has developed an eddy current separator and magnetic separator to effectively sort the ferromagnetic metal, nonferrous metals, and plastic from the waste.